What is Custom Application Development?

As a service or aftermarket manager, you have a lot of responsibilities. Providing adequate documentation and support to your customers is essential to the long-term success of any original equipment manufacturer.

Custom applications are an increasingly popular method of delivering technical parts detail, training, and other essential content to your customers. Today’s generation of maintenance technicians were raised using mobile device and gaming technology from an early age for everything from finding directions, ordering merchandise & food, arranging transportation, playing video games, and researching education assignments.

So, it is no wonder today’s maintenance technicians are more inclined to rely on mobile apps to to click, zoom, or tap their way through procedures to repair and troubleshoot complex equipment, order replacement parts, or receive training through a combination of augmented / virtual / mixed reality animation sequences on their mobile devices. To a growing percentage of the technical workforce, “flipping” through hundreds or thousands of pages of technical information feels antiquated and inefficient.

Developing a custom application could transform your business! GGS specializes in developing applications for your customers that solve the problems their employees face every day.

What Are Mobile Applications?

At the most basic level, a mobile application is any software designed to run on a mobile device. From navigation apps to email apps and games, mobile applications are vital software for our everyday lives. Because of their flexibility, mobile apps can be created to benefit your customers’ technicians.

Why Mobile Applications for Service Technicians?

Mobile applications for service technicians aren’t small features or little tools but rather a complete mobile interface for your business, allowing you and your technicians to access information and a broad range of services easily from their mobile devices in the field. You can handle payment and billing, take pictures and upload them immediately, find schematics, order parts, and more, right from your smartphone or other mobile devices.

Benefits of Custom Mobile Application Development

A custom mobile app is a significant benefit to you and your customers. A custom app developed specifically for your customers will allow them to push out critical, up-to-date information in a readily-accessible format. 

The Custom Mobile App Development Process

Our custom mobile app development process has proven to be a success for our clients. 

We start with the discovery phase, where we draft all of our ideas for the app. In this phase, we find creative solutions to your problems. 

We then move into the prototyping phase, where we test elements of the mobile app until we arrive at a streamlined and efficient system that works. We then refine the user experience to ensure that your mobile application is usable and simple for customers and technicians. 

The software development team then builds the appropriate functionality into your app. 

Finally, we subject the app to final testing. Our Quality Assurance Engineers are skillful and will ensure that everything runs smoothly before delivering your mobile application.


GGS is ready to develop custom mobile apps that will maximize value for your customers. A custom mobile application gives your customers’ technicians the most up-to-date information and access to essential services they need to do their jobs as efficiently and effectively as possible. Contact GGS today!

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